Coo-Coo-Coochie Goodbye


Much is being written about Virginia’s odd ball Attorney General. First it was his letter to universities declaring that gays are not protected by anti-discrimination laws. And now his big lawsuit against the just passed health care reform legislation.  Cuccinelli hangs his hat on the interstate commerce clause of the constitution and what ever else his wonderfully warped mind can come up with.  Every reputable legal scholar who has weighed in on the law suit says Virginia is wasting money it doesn’t have on a frivolous lawsuit.

But lets play along.  If Cooch wins his case guess which current law it would negate? MEDICARE! That right, Ladies and Gentlemen, since the Federal law passed in the 1960′s, we have required people to participate in Medicare coverage.  So our Attorney General is also fighting to undo Medicare, along with our smoother but just as reactionary Governor. Now I propose that we start telling the million or so seniors in Virginia that Cuccinelli (with McDonnell’s blessing) is working hard to dismantle Medicare. Which happens to also be true. Lets see how long the Cooch can survive.

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  1. harvey1941:

    Leslie, pay no attention to these GOP naysayers. Most are still in the shock stage that a non-white person won the national election to become the President. The rest? They would just as soon deconstruct all of the social programs created by democrats over the past century. Remember the Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Baggers are all one of the same mindset. They simply detest people who are NOT Republicans, Conservatives and or Tea Baggers.

    Mostly they are self centered know it alls who frankly make an ass out of themselves whenever they speak, write or do sign language like these twits who showed up in Fort Hunt Park with their BIG BIG GUNS.

    But we must tolerate their rantings and ravings, they begin to choke on the spittle if they cannot spew their invective out toward the public. Public, that’s us, those who must put up with their stupidity and rant crass attitudes.

    I would prefer that they continue their down hill slide into oblivion but then we might be stuck with the skin heads who make up the tea bagger group.

    Keep up your points about the stupid stunts performed by our AG and Gov, or as my neighbor puts it, the Virginia Taliban. For two people who claim to be worried about our taxes and our budget, these two dimwits seem to have no problem throwing our money around like it was water. You really think that Northrop Grumman needed that 14 million dollars to decide on Northern Virgina? Not bloody likely, that decision had already been made months ago, long before we were cursed by having Bob McDonnell and Kenny boy foisted upon our beautiful Commonwealth.